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Besides the Services section on this website, most of the information on this site is about MODX and how you can do certain things. This page however is all about me and the work I've done in the past and how people responded to it.. My minute of fame. :)

These testimonials are aggregated from various sources including my LinkedIn profile, Twitter and directly via email.

If you want you can include Twitter testimonials in the list.

Just ask Mark..

I don't mean to give anyone a hard time (so I blurred names and faces out), but found it funny that this is the 3rd time in 24 hours I've seen this approach to someone's troubleshooting strategy for someone else... "Ask Mark". :P

Tempted to go respond to every unanswered forum question with that "solution," or pretty much just whatever question people ask... Who needs Google with you around?
   ~ Garret Overstreet, 04/04/2013, via Facebook

Snippet: getRelated

Mark has developed a MODX snippet named getRelated for us.The snippet works really well and came with even more features than we asked for. Mark also provided comprehensive documentation.

We got to know Mark as a friendly guy, always prepared to answer a question or help out with a problem. We are very happy with his work and would hire him again without a doubt.
   ~ Michèlle van Vlerken-Thonen, Vierkante Meter, 20/01/2012, via email

Component: SubscribeMe

DON'T HIRE MARK!... I need his schedule open for me! =)

Working with Mark is the exact kind of easy we all look for! He has an incredible way of anticipating the needs of the project and making the entire process almost hands-free. There aren't many people that I can hand a task, sit back, relax, and not worry about the outcome or deadlines. Mark is one of the few people that I feel confident in every aspect of his business from the pricing to the quality of work to the delivery! You'd be hard pressed to find better value any where. Now please... don't hire him.. I really want him available for me!
   ~ Jared Loman, Jared Loman Creative, 22/12/2011, via email

Urgent Support

A colleague of mine needed a hand in a messy MODX backend situation, and Mark answered my call for help in this area. He was like the angel that lifted us out of the storm! He was prompt, extremely knowledgeable, quick, and above all easy to work with. In the span of an hour, Mark helped us iron out kinks that we'd been fussing over for days. If you need a hand with MODX, I recommend Mark completely without reservation.
   ~ Elena Belle Carroll, Steinhardt Design, 08/08/2011, via LinkedIn

Urgent Support

Mark is extremely knowledgable, quickly helping us out of a tricky situation with a MODX site. He is clearly an expert in this field as well as having a passion for developing the MODX platform.

Mark is extremely professional but also friendly and very communicative so I'd definitely recommend and work with Mark again.
   ~ Vickie Flores, 30/07/2011, via LinkedIn

Urgent Support

You've just encountered some problems with your MODX Evolution or Revolution CMS and you want to get rid of them fast? Hire Mark. He knows what to do. It's as simple as that.
   ~ Martijn van Turnhout, eRage, 24/05/2011, via LinkedIn

Component: ImportX

I hired Mark to write a bespoke MODx plugin, named importX. Mark delivered a very high quality product that exceeded the expectations of the project, and we have now released it to the community.

He is a friendly, clever guy, and I will absolutely be using his services again!
   ~ Cal Wilson, 12/05/2011, via LinkedIn

Various Occasions

In the short time I've known Mark, he's shown himself to be generous, friendly, capable, loyal, helpful and in all other ways a good and likeable guy. His contributions to the MODX Community and Platform are beyond measure. Without a doubt, my experience of MODX and web development in general has been enriched by knowing Mark. His current project aims to benefit all MODX users and I wholly support his endeavours. Anyone looking to hire Mark is welcome to contact me directly - I will tell you in person how much you can benefit from working with him.
   ~ Y. J. Tso, Sepia River Studios, 26/04/2011, via LinkedIn

Urgent Support

Mark helped and consulted me on my website project build on MODx. I had few problems which I could not resolve, Mark delivered solution very quickly. So if you need expert in this field, I certainly recommend him!
   ~ Eugene Petakhin, 16/04/2011, via LinkedIn

Urgent Support

Mark got me out of a tight spot with a ModX database problem on a site that had just been relaunched. He was enthusiastic, personable, available and kept us up to date on progress. Furthermore, he had the go ahead on several hours of work but resolved the issue in just half the time. He's a super talented ModX programmer and I'd recommend him to anyone without hesitation.
   ~ Peter Knight, EdenWeb, 27/02/2011, via LinkedIn

Front-end Development

I have hired Mark for a few MODx projects and he has delivered every time with excellent results. His communication has been professional. His knowledge of the work has also been excellent. I will definitely be using Mark for more work.
   ~ Crawford Paul, BridgeCourt Inc, 07/02/2011, via LinkedIn