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Over time I've spent a significant amount of time developing open source projects and I really like throwing stuff out there for the general public to enjoy. This page and related sections aim to compile a list of what I have been involved in, and as a hub for you to help and support one of these projects.

These projects do not only take time to develop, but also to maintain and improve. Your help is greatly appreciated in keeping those addons running by forking the project on Github and improving it or making a donation for them. (I'll get a donate form up here sometime soon)

Highlighted Projects

Packaged & Released MODX Extras

  • SOPA Blackout, January 13th, 2012, allowing users to black out their sites to protest against SOPA legislation.
  • HandyMan, December 28th, 2011, a Mobile Manager for MODX Revolution
  • mhDash, December 21st, 2011, lil' fun RSS reader for my Blog's feed in MODX 2.2
  • bdListings, November 25th, 2011, a project for BD Creative to create and manage service listings.
  • CookieList, November 18th, 2011, allowing site visitors to save listings to a wishlist/favorites or other data, stored in a cookie. Part of the project for BD Creative, most initial development by Romain Tripault.
  • getRelated, October 13th, 2011, automatically displaying related resources based on a configurable algorithm, developed for Vierkante Meter. I've written a blog post to introduce getRelated here.
  • TaggingAtoZ, October 26th, 2011, ability to list Tags in alphabetical groups, developed for Vierkante Meter.
  • SubscribeMe, September 29th, 2011, providing the means for site visitors to subscribe to MODX Usergroups (= content) with PayPal Recurring Payments.
  • TopMenuFix, July 13th, 2011, a quick fix for the Manager's top menu overflowing in smaller browsers in non-English languages.
  • MovePublished, July 3rd, 2011, a quick plugin to move the "Published" checkbox to near the "Hide from Menus" checkbox in MODX 2.0 and 2.1.
  • CamperManagement, June 26th, 2011, a custom development project for Vuist Campers allowing them to easily maintain a listing of Caravans for sale.
  • Domaineer, June 22nd, 2011, a plugin enabling developers to set custom properties based on the domain used to access a website, developed for Sepia River Studios.
  • ImportX, April 23rd, 2011, allowing a Resource import from CSV values. Recently refactored to open up to other formats.
  • Essentials for Blogging, January 11th, 2011, a transport package to download multiple existing packages in one download.
  • VersionX, January 9th, 2011, a Versioning tool for MODX Revolution. Currently being rewritten with a new amazing release anticipated soon.
  • Notify404, January 8th, 2011, a utility plugin to warn you of Page not Found errors on your site.
  • sLink, October 25th, 2010, my first Extra ever, allowing you to create xHTML valid links to other resources.. yuh uh, aint it cool? :)

Random stuff on Github & Gist

You can find & follow me on Github to keep track of what I do all day. Most of my released addons are also available there.