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It's that time of the year again. Working on projects and, oh look at the time fly by! I recall telling myself I wouldn't host MODXpo 2013 so I could just attend a conference instead of stressing myself out... yet here I am again. Along with a bunch of German MODX ambassadors and of course the MODX team, I'm on the organising committee for MODXpo Europe 2013.

Here's the facts you need right now:

  • November 1st (Friday) and November 2nd (Saturday) 2013.
  • 2 days, 1 track, 15 or so sessions, breakout rooms available for work/workshops/hackathons.
  • Lunch and drinks are included on both days.
  • KOMED Meeting-Centre at the Köln (Cologne) Media Park
  • Tickets are on sale now, with advance tickets available until August 15th at € 99. Tickets are bumped up to €149 after the 15th, and will be bumped to €199 in October. The earlier you get your tickets, the better!
  • NH Hotel Cologne Media Park is located pretty much next door. I stayed there a few months ago while visiting a Cologne MODX Meetup and am planning to for MODXpo too.
  • We're looking for speakers!

This year, MODXpo will be slightly different. It will be better. With more people involved in the organisation, a larger budget and a really, really cool conference venue it will be awesome.

Cologne is pretty too. There are talks of a Sunday touristy thing for people who are in town the day after as well, and of course there'll be plenty of opportunity to meet and greet MODXers.

Oh, and I'm bringing modmore swag and discounts, so you really have no excuse to miss this event.

Get your tickets | More information | Speak at MODXpo

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