MODX Blog :: February 2012

Placeholders & Resource Fields: the difference between a plus and an asterisk

February 29, 2012 :: Filed under Front-end Development & Introduction

One of the powers of MODX is its flexible templating. The biggest part of the flexibility boils down to the different types of tags that can be used in Templates which replaced with the dynamic content specified. Do you know when to use [[+pagetitle]] and [[*pagetitle]]? Continue reading..

What's new in the MODX World (#1)

February 26, 2012 :: Filed under What's New

New Extras are released all the time, MODX LLC is always working on the next big thing and the Community is growing exponentially. In this series I'm going to try and keep you posted on interesting initiatives and stuff coming up. Welcome to Episode 1! Continue reading..

Showing related Resources automatically: introducing getRelated

February 22, 2012 :: Filed under Extras & Front-end Development

Have you ever had a client asking for showing a list of related articles or news items? Chances are you've applied a technique to show a list of all articles in a Template Variable, allowing the client to handpick the ones that are related. This is a great technique and I have written about it in the MODX Documentation, but the admin or editor still has to manually pick what is related. Surely there's an automated way as well? Continue reading..

How to: Listing Articles posts with getResources or Wayfinder

February 20, 2012 :: Filed under Front-end Development, Blogging & How To's

Since the launch of MODX Revolution 2.2pl, the use of the Articles blogging tool has been growing exponentially as well. This post walks you through a question asked several times per day: how do I show Articles on my homepage or in my sidebar? Continue reading..

Lesson Learned.

February 9, 2012 :: Filed under Personal

Monday at about 4.30 CET the hosting provider of my host got hacked at the root level which resulted in all of my websites going down, until manually being restored to an old backup Wednesday morning at about 4am CET. Here's what happened and what I learned the hard way. Continue reading..