MODX Blog :: October 2012

Introducing Documentation Friday

October 19, 2012 :: Filed under Community Challenge

I challenged the community a while ago. If we would hit 200 documentation bugs in the tracker, I would spend two full days working on closing as many as I could. Even though it received some good response and the amount of bug reports went up quite a bit, we still didn't hit 200 yet. But that's okay, cause now we have even better initiative: Documentation Friday. Continue reading..

Join us at MODXpo Europe!

October 15, 2012 :: Filed under Front-end Development, Back-end Development & Meetups & Conferences

This November, we bring you the second edition of the MODXpo event (2,5 years after the first one), in Utrecht, The Netherlands! Read on to find out about our amazing speakers, packed schedule and more! Continue reading..