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It's now mid-April. Realizing that, it's almost a shock to think I will be back from my week-long trip to Chicago for the CMS Expo in a month! It's time to start packing... I've never been to the US of A before. I've never been to an actual web conference either. But all that is about to change!

As you may have heard (if you follow me on twitter and you didn't, you're not paying attention!) there is a great web conference in Chicago this year, called the CMS Expo. It's hosted by John Coonen and his wife Linda and will take place in a four star hotel, spread out over three days (and a bit).

The reason I've signed up should be obvious: MODX is one of the Spotlight CMS' this year, and there will be some great announcements and presentations there for MODX specifically as well as content management in general (and the other CMS there, of course).

Ryan Thrash, the MODX Leader of Awesomeness, will be taking the stage to tell the world MODX is ready for take off and to make the life of designers and developers easier all over the globe. He will also be joining the CTO of SoftLayer Duke Skarda, one of the great sponsors behind MODX, to talk about the next big thing: MODX Cloud.

The official MODX itinerary will be announced soon, however,  there is simply no way we're not throwing together a MODX Meetup while we're there. Ryan is in town, I will be in town and a number of clients and fellow freelancers are also attending the conference who I look forward to meeting in person.

You've still got until April 30th to get your tickets at $779 for three days, or $679 if you enter code MODX2012. See you there!

  • Founders' Panel in 2011

    Founders' Panel in 2011

  • Bits of the crowd

    Bits of the crowd

  • Gotta have it gadget giveaway

    Gotta have it gadget giveaway

  • John & Linda Coonen, organisers of the Expo

    John & Linda Coonen, organisers of the Expo

  • The impressive Ballroom pre-conference

    The impressive Ballroom pre-conference

Images above are from the 2011 Expo, credits go to Monty Ksycki and Chris Hammond (last picture).

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