MODX Blog :: April 2012

How to: Managing Galleries with MIGX

April 21, 2012 :: Filed under Front-end Development & How To's

Some time ago @tlyczko suggested I wrote a how to on using MIGX with image Galleries or Sliders. As I'm using MIGX all over the place, I guess it can't hurt to spread the love with this How-To! We'll go over the basics of MIGX and work towards the new slider I recently set up for use in my blog. Continue reading..

Chicago, here I come!

April 16, 2012 :: Filed under Meetups & Conferences & Personal

It's now mid-April. Realizing that, it's almost a shock to think I will be back from my week-long trip to Chicago for the CMS Expo in a month! It's time to start packing... Continue reading..

MODX Meetups and why you need to do some too!

April 14, 2012 :: Filed under Meetups & Conferences

We had a MODX Meetup here in The Netherlands last week. I think they're a great way to socialize with people that use (or are simply looking into) the same system and there's something to gain in them for everyone.. if anything it's a great excuse to have a couple of beers together! Continue reading..

Sudo users in MODX - new in 2.2.1!

April 3, 2012 :: Filed under Security & What's New

One of the new features in MODX 2.2.1 is the ability to indicate if a user is a "sudo" user. This humble checkbox is one to be extremely careful with, as it allows a user to completely bypass ANY access control you may have set up. Continue reading..