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This is probably a surprise for most of you (I have been in touch with some clients and partners about this already), but I am joining the MODX team! Mid March I will join the team part-time for a few weeks and in April I will officially hop on board full time for hopefully years to come.

Whoah, what?!

Yep, it's a big change that will not only affect me but also the very loyal clients I have had the pleasure to work with over the past year and 3 months. It wasn't one I took lightly (it rivaled the school vs freelance business battle back in March-Sept '11 for those that sticked around since then!), however I would be crazy not to accept an offer from the MODX team!

I will be joining MODX Services (consultancy, development and support) team, which is led by James Bohan-Pitt (most Partners will know him), and includes Garry Nutting and Mike Schell as Developers, and Robert Walker as Customer & Partner Support Manager. The team deals with obviously the support requests coming in from MODX Complete subscribers as well as development work for Partners and potentially some of the amazing MODX clients. Besides that, I will also get the chance to work on some great projects I can't say anything about yet, as well as the core product: MODX Revolution.

This job offer didn't just hit my inbox out of nowhere of course, I've been talking with Ryan Thrash on and off over the past year about the prospect of joining the team. The ball really got rolling in the past weeks when talking with Ryan, James and John Corcoran (the MODX CEO) and we're all very excited to finally be able of moving forward with my addition to the team.

What about my Company & Clients?

As said before, this new job does not differ much from what I used to do. Because of that I will be able to still provide the services I have offered before, however the invoice will have "MODX" on it and there will be an entire team to handle the work instead of just me! The MODX guys have been amazing in trying to make the transition as smooth as possible and if you would prefer me as your main point of contact they'll gladly oblige!

I will be working with MODX fulltime starting in April and likely wont be able of taking on many other projects, though stay on the lookout for one of the many personal projects that I will be working on.

If you're a current client (or we have been discussing a project for some time) and I've not yet been in touch about how your project will be moving forward with this very quick transition, send me an email. I've tried to reach out to everyone directly influenced by this, but with everything going on around here it's possible I've missed you. Sorry!

What about the site?

Over the coming weeks my website's content will be updated to more accurately display the new situation. Most of the Services section will be deprecated and removed (yes, that's part of the reason I made a new centralised Testimonials page) and some information will be added here and there to indicate the new situation.

The blog will remain like it is, and I will still be aiming for 2 posts a week (Monday and Thursday), so there's plenty coming up to keep you informed!

In other news...

I'm finally moving out (again)! Around the same time we were finishing up the deal of me joining the team I was offered a three bedroom (read: a bedroom, office and washing/junk/sleep-over room) apartment and I'll be working on painting the walls, laying floors and getting some furniture in over the coming weeks as well. I hope to have officially moved by the time I join the MODX team full time... we'll see how that goes :)

SCHERP Ontwikkeling

Hey Mark,

Congratulations on a well earned position. We hope you'll enjoy working with MODX!

Philippe Delberghe

Hi mark,

Don't be shy, you deserve it.
I don't know if I am happy for you with this tremendous opportunity, or if I already start to miss you for my future customers' projects.

Take care and long live to the MODX team !

Jeroen Kenters

Congratulations! You really deserve this!

Mark Ermst

Awesome Mark! Congratulations! As one of the leading open source MODXers in the Nethrlands it's well, WELL deserved!

Again, congratulations!

Mathias Dannevang

Congratulations Mark! And congratulations MODX, I really think you'll be a huge win in the team!


Hey Mark,

my very congratulations to you! You really will be a true enrichment for MODX and I always thought it would be great if MODX would have you as a developer.
I hope you will improve quality of the CMS and do great things in your new job! :)

Stefan Vermaas

Woehoe, now Mark is MODX :)! Congratz fellow!

Nice apartment by the way ^^! Text me when you need something painted!


Great news Mark! Congrats! Glad to see you join MODX!

Mark Hamstra

Thanks everyone!

Really appreciate all the kind words. Can't wait to get started :-D


Good job, Mark! Win-Win situation :)

Christian Hanvey

Congratulations Mark! It's a match that was meant to be. Your addition to the time means benefits for everyone. I'm so glad it happened - there's no-one better they could have picked!


Mark, congrats! I'm glad you got what you wanted, you made the right decision. All the luck and I hope to stay in touch.


I already tweeted my congratulations but again here: You are the man! :)

Are you relocating to USA or do you stay in the Netherlands?

Mark Hamstra

I'll be working remotely, like roughly half (if not more) of the MODX team :) With the Netherlands being one of MODX's bigger markets, it is of course also a strategic decision for the team to have someone local.


This is great news for both MODX and Mark. Congrats to both! I look forward to working with you.

Yannick Lombart

Congratz mark, you have always helped me when I was in a pickle...hopefully you'll be able to make modx even better



Fred R. Munger

Congratulations Mark! And congratulations to MODX, it's a great match and I really think you'll be a huge asset for MODX. Greetings from the MODX community in Phuket Thailand...

Adam Smith

Way to go man! This sure beats the hell out of hospitality services. Gook luck, I know you will be a great addition.

Ian P

Nice work. You are a great source of MODX information, which I hope will only grown stronger now you're formally joined to the project.

Crawford Paul

This to go along with my tweet, a huge congrats!! You will be a powerful addition to the MODX team and I'm already excited to see what you can do "from the inside". :) All the best!!

Raymond Uphoff

Congratulations! Your'e hard work pays off! Resistance is futile you will be assimilated ;-)

Goed man! Er zijn heel wat tweets van je langs gekomen over MODx. Ik dacht slaapt die jongen nooit ofzo? Succes

Mark Hamstra

Again, thanks everyone for the nice words :)

I'm getting comfortable within the team right now, with plenty of great projects coming up.. can't wait to get rolling full time!

I probably did jinx the blog with this remark:
"The blog will remain like it is, and I will still be aiming for 2 posts a week (Monday and Thursday), so there's plenty coming up to keep you informed!"

.. I've been extremely busy since! There's one dev-oriented blog almost finished that's hopefully coming out soon (next 1-2wk?), and another 6 or so stubs I need to finish up. The blog *will* return back to activity soon, just need to get some stuff finished :P

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