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Today I was shocked by a (re)tweet linking to an infographic on the anatomy of templates in wordpress (you can find it here), so I decided to spin my own version for templates in MODX. Without further ado, but with great thanks to Jay Gilmore for providing very valuable feedback and preventing me from infringing MODX copyright and trademarks, here it is:

MODX is a robust and flexible content management framework, but it's important to remember the basic anatomy of a template to make the most out of it. Let's have a look!

(You can click it to view the original sized one. Which is the same size if you're looking at this site from a proper computer, but may be easier to zoom in on from a mobile device of sorts).

That really sums it up, though I promise I'll do a proper tutorial on template best practices in the future :)


Hi Mark, this sounds interesting, but I'm currently getting a 404 for the image.

Mark Hamstra

Sorry about that Ray, image has been restored! ('t was a left over from my server crash last week)

( Though it's really just a lil' fun thing, nothing too serious =] )


No worries, and thanks - very poignant ;) This is exactly what the front-end dev / designer in me loves about MODX.

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