MODX Blog :: January 2012

Bringing Dropbox to your MODX Media Sources

January 25, 2012 :: Filed under Extras & Introduction

MODX Revolution 2.2 introduced a new highly anticipated feature: Media Sources. By abstracting the file tree into different media sources allows more fine-grained control over who can access what, but not less important: it opens up for other types of file storage beyond the "regular" filesystem. Besides the Amazon S3 Bucket, you will soon be able to interact directly with your Dropbox from within the MODX Manager. Yep, you read that right. Dropbox. In MODX. I know I'm excited! Continue reading..

Quick Tip: Hiding Google Analytics code for MODX Manager users

January 23, 2012 :: Filed under Front-end Development

I like numbers, and analyzing them to see what is going on. As a result of that, I spend too much time in my Google Analytics code figuring out what is going on with my site and what content is most appreciated. However, I keep on finding non-public URLs for blogs which haven't been published yet in my stats.. but no more. Here's how I got rid of my Google Analytics tracking code whenever I'm logged into the Manager. Continue reading..

Revolution 2.2 available: What's New?

January 20, 2012 :: Filed under Introduction & New Release

Last week saw the release of MODX Revolution 2.2 - you probably heard a thing or two about it already. In this article I will introduce to you the new features I think are most impressive. Continue reading..

I'm blacking out my site on January 18th to protest against SOPA / PIPA

January 14, 2012 :: Filed under Extras

I'm blacking out my MODX site this January 18th to protest against the SOPA and PIPA. While I'm not in the US, and my server isn't either, I may not have a direct threat in these two - but I'm with the techies here that think it will have major impact on everyone if this thing passes.. So I developed a little plugin to black out my site (yet give people who need access to my site the ability to do so). Continue reading..

Community Challenge: file 200 documentation bugs, I'll spend 2 days fixing them

January 13, 2012 :: Filed under Community Challenge

All too often, people complain about the MODX documentation not being up to par, but far too little is being done about it. Even something as simple as reporting an error or missing information is vital - and sometging everyone can do. I'm going to challenge you to file 200 documentation bugs/request, and when we hit that milestone I will myself dedicate two full working days to fixing as many as I can. Continue reading..