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How nested (recursive) Caching works in MODX

November 26, 2011 :: Filed under Caching & Front-end Development

On my Caching Guidelines for MODX Revolution article, @MadeMyDay (Marc Hinse) asked a very good question on how you can determine what is cached and what is uncached when nesting tags. In this follow-up post, I will try to explain how the parser works when nesting like his examples. Continue reading..

Caching Guidelines for MODX Revolution

October 23, 2011 :: Filed under Caching & Front-end Development

MODX has very granular caching possibilities. Where Evo limits caching to just snippets and has other limits in terms of embedding tags in tags, MODX Revolution does not have these limits. This article lists a few guidelines you should adhere to when deciding if a snippet or other element you reference in your template needs to be cached, or uncached. Continue reading..

Fixing Manager menu overflowing in certain languages

August 3, 2011 :: Filed under Back-end Development & Extras

In some languages (the Dutch one for sure) on smaller monitors/browsers/tablets (for example 1024px wide), the top menu in the MODX Manager overflows, pushing the last two or three items down a row rendering it useless. I've created a simple plugin to fix that. Continue reading..

When MODX Security bites you in the butt

July 6, 2011 :: Filed under Security

I have presented about the MODX Security system, I have contributed to its documentation and have quite often explained certain aspects of it on the Forums as well. I know how it works - yet it managed to bite me in the butt, in an almost untrackable event where some pages would refuse to show up with the proper templates... Learn from my mistake, and don't spend three months trying to figure out what's going on! Continue reading..

MODX Professional Partnership - Three Months Later

June 12, 2011 :: Filed under Partner Program

Three months prior to writing this article I made the plunge in investing in the MODX Partner Program, and applying for a Professional Partnership. I was accepted and have started reaping the benefits. This article goes into how I experienced the partner program in those first three months and if I would recommend it to others who are serious about MODX. Article too long? The answer is yes. Continue reading..