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VersionX 2.0 - Bringing improved versioning to Revolution

VersionX 1.0 was first developed in December 2010 - it was one of the first open source project I started actually. It also was the first tim that I actively developed a custom manager page, and, well, the code is terrible.

Luckily VersionX 2.0 is coming to town!

VersionX 2.0 is a complete rewrite - all that is reused is the name and the initial thoughts behind the plugin: providing a simple versioning component that allows viewing, comparing and restoring of past versions.

The rewrite is in progress, and as with any open source project - not quite as fast as I had wanted - but it's starting to get shape. Here's a quick list of what is currently in place:

  • Saving a resource causes VersionX 2 to check if any changes were made, and if so it will save a new copy to the database. If on MODX 2.1 or higher this includes Template Variable values.
  • Saving any element (templates, template variables, snippets, chunks or plugins) creates a new copy in the database.
  • Resource Versions can be seen and compared to any other version of the same resource through the VersionX Component.

Yes - it versions Elements and Resource TV values - that's new to VersionX! However, having built the versioning functionality for elements, there's not yet a grid to interact with it. The element data will be in the database if you need it, but there's no way to view or compare it from the manager.

As of writing, VersionX 2.0 is at release dev7 and I am expecting to be able of releasing it publicly at around dev15 or so. Here's the things I'm looking to implement by then:

  • Proper upgrade from VersionX 1.0. The database is set up way differently (to allow a more scalable and future-proof strategy), and there's not yet a simple upgrade procedure to re-use the data already stored. This needs to be different before a first public release.
  • Restoration of Resource versions - after all, that's what this whole thing is about.

When those two have been finished I will be releasing VersionX 2.0 as a free package available from the MODX Repository.

After that, hopefully some donations will pop up and I will be able to develop VersionX further. Adding the interface for elements, bringing new tabs to resource update screens to view the versions without leaving that page and more.. all of that and much more is on the roadmap for VersionX 2.0.