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Somewhere in the Spring or Summer of this year I decided I wanted a new website. The old one, while functional, didn't quite speak to me anymore and the blog was simply tucked away too far to ever become a prominent part of the site.

A few different mockups followed, and eventually I found some people (Romain Tripault and YJ Tso most notably) willing to help me out with the whole process of getting a new proper design and get something launched. Now, December 2011, it's finally there.

What I wanted

  • Responsive website - Mobile is the future and I don't want to scare my visitors away by providing a bad user experience on other devices.
  • Automatically displaying related articles. Coincidentally I had a custom development client who wanted the same, which resulted in getRelated which is now powering the "related" widgets on the site.
  • Clean design. Fast, accessible. Syntax Highlighting to make code readable.
  • Much more focus on MODX related articles on the blog. Regularly posting fresh and interesting MODX content with visitor interactions through comments (perhaps a guest post someday?) will really thrive this site forward into the "MODX Vibe". (Read my take on the all new Articles plugin)
  • Better representation of the work I do and did for prior clients.
  • A demo site for some of the addons I developed.

Well, you're looking at the result!

I'll be finishing up the migration of the site over the next few days, including the comments that were left there on migrated posts and adjusting links to my site where-ever I can. Oh, and you may want to watch this space on December 25th 2011... to stay updated you could use my MODX 2.2 Dashboard Widget! :)

This website (and domain in general) will start housing many different sections in the next coming months, and the blog is only going to grow and grow - so come back some time! ;)

What do you think of the new design and in general - this website? Any requests on articles? Feel free to leave a comment (here, or on any article of course!) or to get in touch.

Get the conversation going, and post your thoughts in a reply.

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