MODX Blog :: December 2011

Accepting PayPal Donations (or Payments) on your MODX Site

December 27, 2011 :: Filed under Front-end Development, Extras & Introduction

There are times you will want to accept donations or payments on your MODX-powered sites. In my case I wanted to offer the possibility for users to donate towards one of my open source projects. So I whipped up a snippet to help me do that. Continue reading..

Merry Christmas, and Happy HandyMan!

December 25, 2011 :: Filed under Extras & HandyMan

We're closing up 2011, of course cramming all the leftover work into one or two weeks, and with that I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy HandyMan! Yes, you read that right and I (think) I spelled that right. Today - December 25th, 2011 - sees the release of HandyMan, the Mobile Manager for MODX all of you have been waiting for. Continue reading..

VersionX 2.0 - Bringing improved versioning to Revolution

December 20, 2011 :: Filed under Extras

VersionX 1.0 was first developed in December 2010 - it was one of the first open source project I started actually. It also was the first tim that I actively developed a custom manager page, and, well, the code is terrible.

Luckily VersionX 2.0 is coming to town! New features, better code and stability - coming to a MODX installation near you soon. Continue reading..

Articles - blogging in MODX made super easy

December 20, 2011 :: Filed under Blogging & Extras

I'll admit: deep down inside I'm hurt. I've spent hours and hours trying to get this blog just right with all the right features. You may have noticed that I set up some automated archiving, tags use friendly URLS and you can even leave comments (with notifications). And guess what? You can have all that and more in literally five minutes with the all new "Articles" component for MODX 2.2. Thanks Shaun! Continue reading..