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In some languages (the Dutch one for sure) on smaller monitors/ browsers (1024px), the top menu in the MODX Manager overflows, pushing the last two or three items down a row, rendering it useless.

I've created a simple plugin to fix that called TopMenuFix, and has been added to the Extras repository

And with simple, I mean really simple. As the menu is simply styled with CSS, all it has to do is override those styles on manager pages. We'll be using the onManagerPageInit event to put some style definitions on the page automatically.

This two line plugin calls the modX::regClientStartupHTMLBlock method, which sounds really complicated but just injects some html into the header of the page. In this case, that is simply this:

And that's all there is to it.

Want this too? No problem! I've wrapped it up in a package using the PackMan addon and it is available from the Package Manager It's called "TopMenuFix". You can also find it on the MODX Website.

The source is on Github and with any bugs or feature requests (I don't expect them.. but.. okay) please also post on the TopMenuFix Repository Issues section.