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Zen Coding - making HTML Development faster!

November 3, 2010 :: Filed under Front-end Development

Although not entirely related to MODX, you can use Zen Coding for quickly generating your HTML and CSS Templates. Zen Coding is a way to create css-like selectors, and expand those into full-blown html or CSS with a click of a button or shortcut. Continue reading..

Chunk/Element Properties & Output Modifiers: an introduction

October 27, 2010 :: Filed under Front-end Development & Introduction

MODX Revolution features a number of very powerful features that are hidden under the surface, but when discovered are hard to live without. Two of these are Element Properties and Output Modifiers. This short article will give you a quick introduction on what they are, and how they could be used. Continue reading..

Getting started with getResources for your MODX Blog

July 4, 2010 :: Filed under How To's, Front-end Development, Extras & Introduction

The getResources snippet is one that every MODX Revolution developer will have to deal with eventually. In this quick tutorial we show how you can list resources for a blog overview page. Continue reading..