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MODX Training

Please be aware: all of the below information and courses have yet to be finalized, which will most likely happen the first half year-ish of 2012. If you are interested in a MODX training, please get in touch to discuss the possibilities. 

Sometimes it's hard to start on a new challenge, or the existing documentation simply doesn't cut it and doesn't bring across the right message. Or maybe you're ready to take your MODX experience to the next level, and want to make sure you do it right from the start.

The questions remains: what do you want to learn?

I have explained and taught a number of people various aspects of the MODX Content Management Framework, varying from the basics of MODX and how to use a template, to the very extensive Security system and the easier but powerful Form Customization.

Below you will find a number of training packages, however it is also possible to get custom tailored training on those or other subjects for small and larger groups: get in touch to discuss the options.

For the training packages below, please note that they are for up to 5 participants and that the price mentioned is per participant excluding applicable VAT and travelling expenses (free for 75km from Steenwijk, the Netherlands, anything over that within the Netherlands €0,30/km, others on request). All trainings are available in both Dutch and English and can be given on-site as well as in 't Vlechtwerk, Noordwolde. For every training a minimum of 2 participants will be billed.

MODX Basic Templating

€ 150,00 per participant, roughly three hours.

In a MODX Basic Templating training workshop we take a static HTML and CSS template (if discussed and available beforehand, this could be an actual project you are currently working on!) and go through every step of the road to implement that in MODX as a client-friendly content management solution. We discuss the MODX philosophy, caching strategies, what the different elements really are and do, we implement a number of commonly used addons and discuss where we can find information on a certain subject. At the end of this hands-on session, the most important functionality from the template has been implemented and you can be on your way to integrate templates, using the tools and knowledge presented. 

Introducing MODX Security

€ 210 per participant, roughly three - four hours.

A complex part of the MODX system, but a very powerful tool when you have it all figured out. During a MODX Security Training we dive into the theory and how all the Security terms are used and interrelate. We discuss important aspects to realize, the different factors we can base security on, access policies and most commonly used permissions. From there we take a more practical approach and start playing around with two common use cases: 1) provide a members only area on the front-end and 2) creating a second, limited administrator account aimed at content editing. 

This training session assumes average knowledge of MODX, and basic understanding of the contexts and users concepts. After the session, the participant will know how the different aspects are interrelated, and how to use that knowledge to fulfill various use cases independantly. 

Introducing MODX Form Customization

€ 60 per participant, around an hour.

The Form Customization tool in MODX is a simple yet effective way of making a set up end-user friendly. In an hour, we quickly discuss the various terms and after that get right to some action and start playing with the various options. After understanding the basics, we have a look at how we could achieve slightly more advanced results.

This training session assumes basic knowledge of MODX and at least a basic understanding of user groups and would be a great extension to the MODX Basics, or the Security training.

Developing MODX Components Masterclass

Complete two-day masterclass. Unconfirmed as of yet. Please get in touch to discuss the possibilities and shaping up this masterclass.

The Developing MODX Components masterclass is a complete course, spread over two days, which will get you steamed up to develop Custom Manager Pages (or Components). The first day will primarily deal with the different aspects involved and will provide a base understanding of how to develop Custom Manager Pages or Components. On the second day we will recap that information, and a component will be developed by the participants to put it all in practice and to identify weak spots. After the two-day course, the participants will know how to build components and where to find more information. They will also receive access to all information provided during the masterclass for later review.

The first session on day one covers:

  1. Why & when to use custom manager pages in MODX.
  2. High-level overview of the different aspects involved in developing Components, inventarization of current skills of participants.
  3. xPDO Schemas and Models: defining the database

The second session on day one covers:

  1. Hello World: getting something on-screen (working with namespaces, actions and menus, controllers).
  2. modExt and ExtJS primer discussing commonly used widgets and working with example code.
  3. Connectors and Processors: showing and modifying data

On the second day we will first recap and repeat what is unclear. A case will be presented which will be the goal of the day to develop, making use of information presented and external sources available. Participants will work mostly individually, however intermezzos will take place when weak knowledge spots have been identified and to clarify where needed. Participants can help eachother, and Mark Hamstra will continuesly keep an eye on the coding to provide continuous feedback on the process.

Get in touch to discuss this or any other training.