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Design to HTML to MODX

After spending a lot of work on getting that design absolutely perfect, it's time to get it sliced up into HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and put that into carefully developed MODX templates. 

Having started my MODX career integrating templates, I know the ropes and my extended knowledge of the inner workings helps in maximizing your website's potential by creating easily maintainable, optimized templates, intuitive management of the content and if needed training provided to the editors can finish up the project.

I am a big fan of progressive enhancement, meaning we'll take the base functionality, and reward those brave visitors with modern software with the icing on the cake using CSS3, HTML5 and optionally some jQuery. Additionally, responsive webdesign eliminates the need for a separate mobile website and at the same time provides the best possible user experience for every device. 

Depending on the complexity, requirements and deadline of your project, getting a design into MODX starts at € 720,- (excluding applicable VAT). 

Interested? Get in touch, and let's talk some details.

Don't have a Design yet?

No problem! While I am mainly a developer, I know plenty of Designers that are able to help for various budgets and requirements (starting at rougly € 450,- excluding applicable VAT). Get in touch, and we'll set something up.

What other Clients say

"I have hired Mark for a few MODx projects and he has delivered every time with excellent results. His communication has been professional. His knowledge of the work has also been excellent. I will definitely be using Mark for more work." 

Crawford Paul, Bridgecourt Inc, February 7th 2011

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