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Custom MODX Development

There are a large amount of free tools available that you can use with MODX, but sometimes those just don't quite meet your requirements and just regular resources wont cut it either. When that happens - it's often time to develop custom tools, addons or components. As a MODX Professional Solution partner, I am here to help you in delivering quality work.

Custom Development for MODX Revolution is my main focus as a business and since starting to develop custom applications in early 2011, many different projects have went through my hands of which a large portion has also been released as Open Source to the community to benefit from. ExtJS and the MODX API are definitely no stranger, and a robust knowledge of the inner workings of MODX help me in providing flexible, scalable and easy to deploy solutions for clients and the community as a whole.

Cases & References

Snippet: getRelated (Vierkante Meter, October 2011)

getRelated collects a number of related resources by means of an automated algorithm which can easily be changed to suit your setup. If you head over to my MODX Blog, you can see it in action in the sidebar. 

Mark has developed a MODX snippet named getRelated for us.The snippet works really well and came with even more features than we asked for. Mark also provided comprehensive documentation.

We got to know Mark as a friendly guy, always prepared to answer a question or help out with a problem. We are very happy with his work and would hire him again without a doubt.

Michèlle van Vlerken-Thonen, January 20th, 2012.

Download | Documentation | Source on Github

Component: SubscribeMe (Jared Loman Creative, September 2011)

SubscribeMe is a component with a number of snippets for use on MODX websites, which allows users to subscribe to digital content (generally user group protected Resources) using PayPal recurring payments. It ties in directly with MODX User Groups and everything is customizable (except the payment provider).

DON'T HIRE MARK!... I need his schedule open for me! =)

Working with Mark is the exact kind of easy we all look for! He has an incredible way of anticipating the needs of the project and making the entire process almost hands-free. There aren't many people that I can hand a task, sit back, relax, and not worry about the outcome or deadlines. Mark is one of the few people that I feel confident in every aspect of his business from the pricing to the quality of work to the delivery! You'd be hard pressed to find better value any where. Now please... don't hire him.. I really want him available for me!

Jared Loman, December 22nd, 2011

Download | Documentation | Source on Github

Component: RealEstateX (Digital Butter, August 2011)

The Premiere Partners in Hong Kong needed some extra capacity in handling a real estate project and got in touch. I have had the opportunity to develop a component and accompanying snippets for them to use in developing the real estate website for their client. RealEstateX (or REX) covers every aspect of real estate listings (for hire or sale), including pictures, floor plans, estates and more - all in both English and Chinese.

When the site launches, Digital Butter may decide to release the addon to the community.

Component: CamperManagement (Vuist Campers and Caravans, July 2011)

CamperManagement is a custom component with front-end snippets to manage an inventory of camping cars or caravans for sale. It has simple client management built in, and allows developers to set up a custom context menu and button to allow creating  contracts or detail views to print out in the component.

Download | Documentation | Source on Github

Component: ImportX (Working Party, May 2011)

ImportX, a custom component that takes in comma separated data and parses it into brand new MODX Resources. Some import options have been added to allow different input CSV formats.

“I hired Mark to write a bespoke MODx plugin, named importX. Mark delivered a very high quality product that exceeded the expectations of the project, and we have now released it to the community.

He is a friendly, clever guy, and I will absolutely be using his services again!”

Cal Wilson, May 12, 2011 on LinkedIn

Download | Documentation | Source on Github