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While I work freelance, I don't work alone. Together with a number of carefully selected partners I can complete a variety of projects. From designers and front-end developers to MODX back-end developers to crank out custom development. One thing I do not work with is MODX Evolution – while it has proven to be a great product, I am focused on the future and actively promote and develop on MODX Revolution.

Below you will find an overview and, if you hit those big yellow links, more information on several specific services I offer to clients. If you're interested in hiring me for a project, please get in touch to get the ball rolling.

I am not accepting new projects right now, but I'd still love to hear about your amazing projects coming up!

Custom MODX Development

When existing tools don't cut it anymore, custom development is just around the corner. Delivering flexible, scalable and easy to deploy solutions for clients is the main priority. Check out what has been done before, and get in touch to see if I can help with your next project!

Design to HTML to MODX

You've had your designer make that perfect design (or want one of my partners to help), and need the flat image or html and css integrated with MODX? It's what started my business, and I would love to help. HTML5, CSS3, jQuery or responsive? Not a problem.

MODX Training

Sometimes it's hard to start on a new challenge, or the existing documentation simply doesn't cut it and doesn't bring across the right message. Or maybe you're ready to take your MODX experience to the next level, and want to make sure you do it right from the start. No matter why - training is important, and with nearly four years of MODX Experience, I will gladly visit you on-site or talk you through the next big thing online. What do you want to learn?