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Hi there!

My name is Mark Hamstra, and I am a 32 years old developer, currently working on building my latest business/brand, modmore. I've recently moved in to a new apartment in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) from where I work.

Before starting modmore, I spend a year working on the MODX Complete team, providing support and development for MODX Clients. In November 2012 I organised the first MODXpo conference in Europe which was a great success (and learning experience).

Up until July 2011 I studied International Hospitality Management which after two years turned out to be not quite my thing. Instead I started focusing on building my freelance company (started earlier that year) with which I provided various MODX Services varying from bespoke development to consulting on how to best approach a certain functionality within MODX. In March 2011 I signed up to be a MODX Professional Partner which really kicked off my business by getting clients from Hong Kong, Australia, the United States and more.

This continued until March 2012 which is when I got MODX'd and joined the MODX Complete team which meant I would not have time for freelance projects anymore. Aside from that I am developing and maintaining a commercial web application (built on MODX, of course) for alpaca breeders and there's some more personal projects I am spending my time on aside from the job.

I'm a regular on the MODX forums, and in the Netherlands I am involved in organizing and speaking at Dutch MODX Meetups and I also manage the Dutch MODX twitter and Facebook profiles. If you are passionate about MODX, or are still learning, I would love to get in touch. You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn, or have a look at my contact page for more options.